The Perfect Lighting For Renters.

The Perfect Lighting For Renters.


Anyone, who has lived in rented accommodation for any length of time, will understand the struggles of turning it into a home. Many landlords have strict rules regarding decorating, some don’t allow hanging stuff onto the walls of the properties either. This in turn can leave many renters frustrated with the fact that it can prove quite difficult to make a rented house feel cosy and like home.

With that said, although not all landlords have these strict rules, some will allow you to decorate and make the space a lot more suited to your taste. However, not many renters want to spend money on a house that is not theirs. I mean ultimately, by improving the rented property, you are in turn increasing the value of a property that belongs to somebody else. Yes, I know, it seems crazy right?!?

Lighting is one of the things that can be a major problem in rented properties. Most rented homes come standard with 1 light fitting per room. However, with no option to hard wire or change the pre-existing light fitting this leave many renters stuck. However, all is not lost! In this day and age, we have many lighting options available to renters, that allow you to customise your home lighting and give you the potential to change the whole atmosphere and mood of a room.

At BHS, we are committed to ensuring all our customers can get the most out of their home lighting, therefore we have many options available to both homeowners and renters alike. Allowing, you to personalise your lighting, change the look and feel of your room, save space, and improve the overall functionality within your home.


Below we have listed our top 5 tips for improving your lighting arrangements within your rented property: -


Upgrading the lampshades around the home.


This is the easiest and most obvious option when we think of updating our home lighting.  Opting for lampshades throughout your home ensures you are protecting the eyes of everyone who enters from the bulb’s glare, as well as directing the light into the room maximising the visibility of the room.

However, not many people realise the number of different styles of easy-fit light shades that are available to them. At BHS we have a wide range of light shades that are suited to each and every home. Whether you are looking for rattan easy-fit shades to complete your boho-themed home, crystal-effect shades that will add that luxurious touch to your space, or coloured shades to compliment the colour scheme of the home. We have all your lighting needs to spruce up your rental property and help you make it more homely


Paladina, crystal-effect easy fit light shade


Using oversized or exposed bulbs to create statements around the home.


Another way to improve the lighting in your rented home is by using oversized bulbs in your already installed light fitting. Oversized bulbs are designed to be used without a lampshade due to their size. They simply attach to your standard light fitting just like any other bulb, except, they are 3 times the size bringing a stylish, industrial feel to your home. Using oversized vintage filament bulbs in your fitting is a great way to add accent lighting or mood lighting to your space. The stunning colouring of these bulbs radiates a warm, relaxing glow across your space. Do remember though, to check the temperature colour of the bulb beforehand ensuring you have the correct lighting for the look you are trying to achieve, within your home.



Incorporate floor lamps and table lamps into your rooms.


Lamps are a great way of bringing accent lighting into your home as well as creating a more homely space. Table lamps are especially good at creating a warm and inviting atmosphere within your home. While floor lamps work especially well for adding lighting into the dark corners of your home and helping to illuminate larger spaces. With so many designs available you will never be stuck for a choice when looking for your perfect lighting.

However, do not feel that you need a choice between a table and floor lamp, lighting is all about layers and creating the desired ambience within your home. Using a few different lighting elements within one space is the best way to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Gives you both ambient and accent lighting that you can use as and when suits.


the whole range of velvet table lamp


Plug-in wall lights add focus and definition to a room.


Now, for me, plug-in wall lights are a complete game changer when it comes to lighting up your rented property. For a long time, wall lights were pretty much off limits to rented homes with the fact that they needed to be hard-wired in. However, these days this is no longer an issue with plug-in wall lights becoming more and more popular. These handy light fittings are simply attached with a bracket, causing no damage to the property, and can simply be removed and unplugged when leaving the property. They are perfect for adding lighting to dark corners or creating reading corners. As well as bringing a stylish touch to your interior.


Olson plug in wall light with pulley


Using battery-operated lighting can bring light into hard-to-reach areas of the home.


Battery-operated lighting is another great way to bring accent lighting into your home. It gives you complete flexibility as to where these lights are placed in your home. Not only that battery-operated lighting is running on batteries meaning you are not using your electricity supply to illuminate them, saving you some pennies on your energy bills too. As this type of light has no cords and requires no installation, they are easy to use and can be moved around the home with ease. While giving you eco-friendly lighting in comparison to using mains powered lights.

Battery-operated lighting is also a great lighting choice for children as they come with a low voltage, making them safe for use. The low voltage also means that even if the light did malfunction a shock would be highly unlikely, making them a great option for children’s lighting.


glow monkey colour changing wall or table lamp


We hope this blog has helped you gain some inspiration for your lighting within your rented home and gave you some tips for making your house feel more like home.

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