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Bathrooms are one of the most functional and well used areas in your home, so the lights you choose need careful consideration. Good bathroom lighting should be practical and bright, with a minimum of IP44 rating, for safe bathroom use. We have a range of spotlights, wall lights and ceiling pendants for you to select from, and over-mirror lights to illuminate the space for applying make up or a morning shave. For a more elegant bathroom light, why not opt for one of our bathroom chandeliers.


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  1. Daphne Bathroom Wall Light, Satin Brass

  2. Jean Bathroom Ceiling Light, Chrome

  3. Arya Tangle Bathroom Wall Light, Satin Brass

  4. Cindy Bathroom Flush Ceiling Light, Chrome

  5. Noah Bathroom Flush Ceiling Bar, Chrome

  6. Daphne Bathroom Wall Light, Chrome

  7. Hector Bathroom Ceiling Spotlight Bar, Brass

  8. Kate Twin Arm Bathroom Wall Light, Chrome

  9. Eliza Bathroom Flush Ceiling Light, Chrome

  10. Daphne 3 Light Bathroom Chandelier, Chrome

  11. Nera Bathroom Wall Light, Chrome

  12. Capri Bathroom Wall Light, Chrome

  13. Jean Bathroom Ceiling Light, Satin Brass

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