Tap into a new trend with our Tilly Touch Lamps

Tap into a new trend with our Tilly Touch Lamps


Simple, elegant and modern. The new line of Tilly Touch Sensitive Table lamps are the perfect addition to your modern home. Let’s face it, reaching down the back of your side tables to reach the light switch is annoying. Why put in so much effort just for a bit of light? Well, our Tilly Touch Lamps are here to change that. The sleek and sophisticated design also comes with touch sensitive features, allowing you to turn the lamp on and off without a touch of a button – a simple tap of the lamp itself saves you the strain of reaching for that switch.

Choose from four finishes

Tilly Touch Lamps at BHS choice of 4 finishes

This new, modern design also comes in four colour variants: Antique brass, Satin brass, Copper and Satin nickel. Both brass options give Tilly a beautiful antique appearance that adds a traditional charm to your room. The copper design has a fashionable, contemporary appearance, with a clean copper base and a sharp black glass body. The copper Tilly has an elegant and unmatched design that would find its home nicely in the corner of your room. Lastly, the Satin nickel. The satin nickel base blends old and new into a perfect mixture. The sophisticated design could work in any environment and has an aesthetic appearance that works with any home. This practical look also has a smooth radiant light, giving a beautiful glow to the room.

LED compatible Touch Lamps

If you thought the Tilly Touch Sensitive Lamp couldn’t get any better, wait for it. This new sophisticated line of table lamps are also compatible with our LED lightbulbs. Modern, sophisticated, energy-efficient – could they get any better? The answer is yes. They can. They come at the low cost of only £30. You read that right. A stunning design, premium materials, energy-saving lamp for the small price of £30. Moreover, it will even save you money, with the LED bulbs saving on your power and lighting bills.

More from BHS

Tell us which colour Tilly you like best and which one you have your eye on. We hope this brand-new lamp can find the perfect fit for your room. Keep your eyes peeled over on the BHS blog, for more posts on the hottest lighting fixtures coming this season.


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