Eclectic Glamour: Be Bold with your Home Décor

Eclectic Glamour: Be Bold with your Home Décor


What is Eclectic Glamour?

Eclectic style is all about mixing elements from different periods and designs. Contrasting details are put together to form a new, well-balanced look where nothing feels out of place.


Beryl LED Table Lamp in Brass


This year we have seen this well-known trend take an exciting turn and create Eclectic Glamour. A new trend that focuses on combining the grown-up elegance of the Thirties with the playful and sexy influences from the Seventies. It aims to create a visually balanced aesthetic with contemporary influences that’s bold, glamorous, and daring.

How can you incorporate Eclectic Glamour into your home?

Eclectic Glamour displays an eye-catching blend of soft, plush fabric and rich colours such as royal blues, emerald greens, and bright yellows. When partnered with art-deco metallics like gold and brass, the effect of mixing textures and colour palettes creates an outstanding result.


Hennock Ceiling Light in Brass


Styling tips to achieve Eclectic Glamour:

Pairing Textures and Colours

Introducing textured accents is the perfect way to bring lush fabrics and colours to your interior, whether it be a statement sofa or smaller décor elements, the choice is all yours. Easy Fit shades are a quick and easy way to revamp your interior with soft materials or abstract designs for the Eclectic Glamour look. Add table lamps into the mix to create a cosy, relaxing glow during the darker nights when you just want to snuggle up on the sofa.


Hol Ceiling Pendant in Brass


Incorporating Art-Deco Metallics throughout your interior:

The Living and Lounge Areas

A living room or lounge area is a great place to start introducing Eclectic Glamour into your home. Add art-deco accents like quirky ornaments or framed mirrors to really “wow with your interior”.

We have a range of brass table lamps and floor lamps that would fit perfectly with Eclectic Glamour themed space. One of our favourites is the Beryl LED Table Lamp. The innovative table light combines modern LED technology with retro design as the spherical light shades encircle a hooped brass base and diffuse a soft illumination into the room.


Beryl LED Table Lamp in Brass


Or why not try a decadent statement piece? Our Aubrey frosted glass ceiling pendant features 3 tiers of stunning frosted glass rods with an extravagant brass finish - guaranteed to bring the glamour to your Eclectic glamour look or to any room looking for a hint of luxury.

The Bathroom

You may think that this trend is just for the living room or bedroom, but it can easily be incorporated into any room, including the bathroom. Don’t forget Eclectic Glamour is all about being bold and making a statement.

Patterned walls combined with metallic accents are the perfect way to incorporate Eclectic Glamour into the bathroom, exhibiting personality and character.


Douro Bathroom Wall Light in Brass


Our Douro bathroom wall light with an orb-like frosted glass shade will help to add style and ambience throughout your interior. A simplistic design that will complement most homes and a choice of 3 finishes (black, chrome and brass) makes this practical light fitting a popular choice for many. For the Eclectic Glamour look, we recommend the Douro wall light in brass to add a pop of metallic shine and soft illumination, perhaps on either side of a mirror?

The Bedroom

Partnering bold print feature walls with contemporary ceiling lights fits the essence of Eclectic Glamour flawlessly.

If you wish to be bold with your ceiling lighting, we have the ideal solution for you. Add an eye-catching statement piece to a large room with the Hol ceiling pendant, showcasing an abstract brass design and 18 frosted lights! Guaranteed to display a striking look. Alternatively, for lower ceilings, we offer the Hennock 5 light ceiling light with clear glass shades. This semi flush fitting has a unique look featuring a mix of curvaceous and straight lines.


Hennock Ceiling Light in Brass


Both of these lights will look equally stunning whether placed into Eclectic Glamour, or any other style of home.

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If you’ve found these tips on how to style Eclectic Glamour throughout your home helpful be sure to let us know in the comments below. Alternatively, if you’ve decided this trend isn’t really for you, take another look at the BHS blog, where we’ll be giving regular updates on all the latest interior trends!

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