Tripod Floor Lamps

Tripod floor lamps have an iconic style that grabs attention in any setting, so why not make a statement with your lighting and choose one of our stunning floor standing lamps! A tripod floor lamp looks great in a modern home, and perfectly complement living rooms and bedrooms. If you are looking for a softer light, opt for a floor lamp with a shade, as this diffuses the light for a relaxing, more ambient glow. For more directional lighting, our adjustable tripod lamps are ideal, where you can point the light exactly where you need it.


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  1. Tristan Tripod Floor Lamp, Brass

  2. Plume Feather Tripod Floor Lamp, Brass

  3. Tristan Tripod Floor Lamp, Copper

  4. Lincoln Tripod Floor Lamp, Satin Brass

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