New Mid Century Lighting Collection from BHS

New Mid Century Lighting Collection from BHS

Over the past few years, the Mid Century Modern theme has absolutely exploded – you can’t go to any department store or homewares shop without seeing furniture and decorations that look like something straight out of the 50’s and 60’s! What’s more is how well this theme compliments another much-loved interior style, the Scandinavian look. The retro feel of the Mid Century Modern is the overriding tone, so it’s important that you don’t over-do it with features otherwise you’ll end up with a décor which feels tacky and outdated and nobody wants that. Find out which features we think are perfect for any modern mid-century décor, and how to avoid any unsightly mishaps below!

Make A Statement

When you’re creating an interior theme that incorporates as large a range of patterns, colours, and shapes as a mid-century modern décor does, you need to have a bold statement piece that can act as a focal point, giving a base to build from. Statement features could be anything from an iconic 50’s style chair or a bold piece of artwork, but for us, lighting is the perfect choice for catching the eye and dictating the theme! The Parker pendant light by BHS is ideal for giving a modern retro tone to any interior, with pointers towards an urban industrial look with the metallic structure and mesh design. The cage pendant light is a fantastic centrepiece for a mid-century modern décor and is sure to give a great contrast in an interior that utilises a more refined set of decorations.


Mid Century Parker Pendant Light

Alternatively, the Aulum flush light is a more elegant and era-relevant fitting, with the smooth metallic curves leaning towards a more vintage style. With a frosted glass shade, the fitting gives a softer glow across your interiors for a more relaxing atmosphere. The brass finish offers a classic look to this fitting, making it perfect for replicating that 50’s and 60’s feel. Click on the Aulum flush light to take a more detailed look!

Aulum flush light

Subtle and Sophisticated Accent Lighting

To give a more refined tone to your stunning mid-century designs, accent features such table lamps can be immensely useful features, with their soft glow and subtle hints of style really adding those finishing touches to your interiors. The Bodhi table lamp is an abstract piece that gives a minimalistic touch to any décor. The cube shaped structure features a globe shaped central light, which gives an even spread of soft ambient light to any of the surrounding areas. Available in a brass or black finish, the Bodhi table lamp will definitely offer a stylish twist to a bedside table or next to a sofa.

Bodhi brass table lamp

On the other hand, floor lamps are perfect for giving life to those dark, boring corners of a room, offering a stylish structure and wonderful ambient glow to the surrounding space. The Simba floor lamp is a tall, arc shaped 3 light piece that is finished in an elegant brass colour, in keeping with the mid-century modern vibe. Ideal as a bold statement piece, be sure to give this lamp maximum exposure in your home! Check out our range of floor lamps at

Simba floor lamp

The mid-century modern theme is incredibly popular right now and is showing no signs of going off trend, so it’s the perfect time to start bringing it into your home! Let us know which of our lights have helped you to create a mid-century décor inside of your home, or any of your thought on this incredibly interior style!

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