How to Create a Zen Sanctuary at Home

How to Create a Zen Sanctuary at Home


With the Chinese New Year right around the corner, what better way to unwind from the stresses of the previous year than to invite the feeling of serenity that Zen invokes to your surroundings. Originating in China and spreading to Japan, Zen is inspired by the teachings of Buddhism. It has become increasingly popular in Western societies where over time more and more people have incorporated it into their home décor choices.

Light is integral to any Zen design - mimicking natural daylighting is essential for an aesthetic that blurs the line between indoors and outdoors. Elevate this look with plenty of green foliage and plants for a charming assortment of shadows across your walls.

Composed from characteristic natural materials such as bamboo and rattan, our range of easy fit shades offer your décor an instant DIY revamp when placed over any pre-existing fitting to give your home a lovely, refined organic appearance that helps create a harmonious aura.

Bamboo Bobbin Easyfit Shade.

The Bamboo Bobbin Easyfit Shade has a deep natural finish and a trendy geometric shape that would look stunning in any lounge or bedroom befitting of a Zen environment. Featuring a horizontal line design that allows light to escape and project an eye-catching pattern across your interior.

Another beautiful option for this style is our Macrame Easyfit Shade in Ivory fashioned from a gorgeous Macrame weave bound in an overlapping diamond pattern. These shades provide a unique textured appearance that allows for a rustic feeling that is reminiscent of handmade crafting traditionally practiced in rural areas of China.

Macrame Easyfit Shade in Ivory


Neutral tones are essential for getting the colour palette right with this trend creating a sense of relaxation that brings us back to our roots. BHS recently partnered with Crown Paints where they generously sent us this beautifully earthy Matt finish paint in the shade Hare which has a light tan with a pink undertone.

We used it to redecorate our photography studio with absolutely stunning results and our space is now more vibrant than ever! This paint is incredibly high quality and offers a subtle and soothing backdrop for your Zen den whilst also matching perfectly with the gorgeous natural materials of our light shades such as the Rattan Tall Dome Easyfit Shade.

Rattan Tall Dome Easyfit Shade in Bleached Natural


Zen interior design should reflect the Zen mindset, clear and clutter free. Minimalist home décor boasts a feeling of openness for the ultimate oasis. This Seth Single Pendant in Ash has a lovely wood finish and features a simplistic design that blends seamlessly with the other natural materials used throughout this trend. Also available in Oak. Try using vintage filament light bulbs with these pendant fittings for a raw and rustic appearance.

Seth Single Pendant in Ash


To keep a sense of visual balance within your home décor, pair these ceiling lights with our Theo Table Lamp for a matching and cohesive look.

If you wish to marry minimalism with a subtle ornamental look, the Tizzo Retro Vessel Table Lamp has the same exposed bulb appearance with a smoother ceramic grey finish and weathered down detailing to create a sense of character in your décor. This lamp emits the perfect dimmed tone that is ideal for winding down at the end of the day.

Tizzo Retro Vessel Table Lamp


Finish off this look in the dining area with this Terracotta Marcus Pendant. Style this shade over a dining table, kitchen island or breakfast bar for a look that combines both traditional and modern designs. The clean lines of the curved dome are perfect for creating that iconic Zen look and the rustic terracotta finish gives an oriental feel to the shade, paying homage to the Chinese and Japanese cultures from which Zen first originated.


Terracotta Marcus Pendant


Add some incense for a harmonious ambience and give your space a more personal touch by adding family photos or trinkets. If you strike an imbalance with your Zen interior, do not worry – the main teachings of Zen encourage us to find beauty within the flaws and imperfections. We hope this blog allows you to unclutter and redesign your home and in turn, your mind.

Why not let us know how you maintain your Zen den over on our social media where you can catch all the latest updates, offers and inspiration with our regular posts. Alternatively, check out our other blog posts for top tips and tricks on all the newest interior design trends taking the internet by storm.

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