On Trend Vintage Style Lighting Ideas for Your Home

On Trend Vintage Style Lighting Ideas for Your Home

Vintage décor is back but now with a modern twist. By pairing vintage accents with current layouts and modern designs, you can achieve an entirely fresh look for a flawlessly chic and original aesthetic. Read on to see how lighting can help you get the vintage vibe for a nostalgic feel in your home, perfect for the Autumn season.

Soft Textures and Vintage Patterns

Velvet materials in rich colours such as blue offer a luxuriously retro feel to your décor, offering a gorgeously plush feel to the room. Rather than having to replace larger furniture items such as sofas or chairs to fit the velvet theme, why not try incorporating more subtle velvet accents such as lampshades and cushions.

Our Mica 40cm Easyfit Shade features a gorgeous velvet navy finish with gold floral pattern detailing for an art deco feel, and a stunning brass lining, reflecting a warm toned illumination outward into the room. Easyfit shades are ideal for adding a quick revamp to your hallway or bedroom due to the easy to fit function that simply screws on to any pre-existing pendant light fitting.


Mica 40cm Blue Velvet Easyfit Shade


Accent Lighting with Exposed Light Bulbs

Accent lighting is the perfect way to add a soft glow to your interior for a warmer atmosphere that is reminiscent of vintage décor. Lamps and wall lights with exposed bulb designs offer an industrial edge for a retro aesthetic.

The Tizzo Retro Vessel Table Lamp comes with a free vintage filament light bulb for a stunning decorative look, complemented by the gorgeous ceramic base in a vibrant teal colour. This table light looks ideal on any shelf, side board, or bedside table, and its compact design allows it to fit into smaller spaces too.


Tizzo Retro Vessel Table Lamp Teal


If you’re looking to incorporate the vintage style into your kitchen too, industrial style lighting could be for you. The Juniper Wall Light comes in a copper finish for a rustic aesthetic with black accents and braided cable for contrast. This light features a champagne tinted glass shade which gives the effect of an exposed light bulb for a warm glow emitted outwards. Style above your countertops for the finishing touch to any kitchen layout.


Juniper Wall Light Copper and Black


1920s Hotel Lighting

The art deco style is also a fantastic way to add a touch of retro to your home. Nothing quite says vintage like 1920s hotel style hallway or lobby lighting such as luxurious chandeliers or opulent pendant lighting to make a statement.

Our Paisley Flush Chandelier comes in a stunning antique brass finish with an ornate leaf design on the frame for an elegant and sophisticated appearance. Adorned with crystal effect droplets, this ceiling light sparkles as it reflected the light outwards and is ideal for low ceilings due to the semi flush design.


Paisley Flush Chandelier Antique Brass


Vintage Farmhouse Aesthetic

Alternatively, for a more subtle and muted colour palette whilst keeping the vintage vibe, you could opt for a rustic farmhouse aesthetic. Featuring lots of neutral tones such as white, cream, and beige, as well as natural materials like linen fabric and ceramic, this trend offers a humbler appearance whilst still having a nostalgic and vintage beauty to it.

The Kai Table Lamp comes with a rustic ceramic jar shaped base with glazed crackle detailing and deliberate chipped paint work for a more raw and worn appearance, mimicking hand-crafted pottery. Featuring a stunning ivory finish and a white lamp shade, this light looks ideal in lighter colour schemes and diffuses a warm glow outwards for a cosy atmosphere.


Kai Ceramic Table Lamp Ivory


Does the Vintage Vibe fit Your Home?

Whether you prefer the retro 70s, art deco 20s, or the rustic farmhouse aesthetic, we hope you’ve found something to fit your home with help from our blog so you can fit the vintage trend and create cosy autumn vibes in your décor, just in time for the change in weather.

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