Top Tips for Space Saving in Small Homes

Top Tips for Space Saving in Small Homes

According to the website 2022 13.16 million (49.5%) of properties in the UK are either terraced houses, flats, or maisonettes. From this, we can see that almost half of all UK properties may at times struggle for space due to these compact house and apartment designs. That’s why at BHS we have put together this blog to inspire you with innovative space saving ideas to make the most of the space in your home.


Using Minimalist Décor to Create a Visually Bigger Space

Open up your small spaces and create the illusion of a visually bigger space with minimalist and monochrome interior décor. Decluttering your surfaces with innovative storage solutions and opting for a lighter and airier colour palette can really help make a difference, offering a simple sophistication and a seamless look to the room.

@Renovations4inspiration achieves the minimalist look flawlessly with matte black faucets and accents, geometric shapes, and a monochrome colour palette. They also incorporate an essence of symmetry in the room with our Douro Bathroom Wall Lights in Matte Black. By styling one of these lights on either side of the matching matte black mirror, central over the sink, you can draw the eye and create a clean, uncomplicated, and consistent aesthetic in the room for the illusion of more space.


Douro Bathroom Wall Lights


How to Create a Statement Look in Small Landings or Hallways

Landings or hallways in smaller houses can sometimes feel very cramped and can end up being neglected with décor compared to all the other areas in your home. Some ways that you can instantly upgrade the look of your landings and hallways are with matching carpet, wall art, and photographs on the wall, small sideboards where you can place decorative ornaments, and statement lighting pieces.

@themetallichome beautifully showcases our gorgeous Sophie Flush Ceiling Light in Chrome over their staircase, casting a stunning pattern of light across the ceiling for a bold and glamorous aesthetic. Complimented by the tiers of crystal effect beading, this flush fitting is perfect for low ceilings or small spaces, and adds a touch of luxe and opulence to any hallway or landing.


Sophie Flush Ceiling Light


Practical Solutions for Compact Kitchens

With apartments and flats often having a very compact kitchen style, it is important that we make the most of the space we have and utilise all of our storage to the best of our ability. This includes re-organising cupboards, throwing away any empty jars, bottles, or boxes, installing pan and utensil hangers to create more space in your cupboards, and decluttering your surfaces.

Another practical solution for your day-to-day chores is task lighting. Our Barley Spotlight Bar in @twoguysandadug ‘s home comes in a beautiful matte black finish to match their monochrome aesthetic and is fully adjustable, allowing for bright and focused lighting to be directed at each of their countertops to aid with preparing meals, washing dishes, and any other daily tasks. We also have matching Barley Wall Lights for those areas where you need a little extra light, such as underneath cabinets.


Barley Spotlight Bar


Transforming Your Small Room into a Home Office Space

Last but not least, smaller rooms that aren’t quite large enough to be a double rooms can be the perfect opportunity for a home working space in your house. Whether it is an office space to work from home, or a creative space to explore your hobbies like art, craft, or textiles, it is important to make the most of your space and decorate it to put you in the right mind frame for the task at hand.

@homeofcc has crafted the most beautiful and professional-looking workspace using gorgeous brass accents against white walls to give a feeling of opulence while still maintaining an open and spacious look with a lighter colour scheme. She also utilises chic storage cases instead of bulky cabinets for filing, and creates a sense of balance and symmetry in the room by having the desk and chair central. For a finishing statement touch to the room, she incorporates one of our best-selling flush fittings, the Hennock Ceiling Light in Brass. Perfect for adding an abstract, and artistic aesthetic to the work place for that extra wow factor that will leave you more motivated and wanting to spend more time in your newly decorated office.


Hennock Ceiling Light


Could Space Saving Help You Make the Most of Your Home?

We hope this blog has inspired you to re-imagine your small spaces and design them to give you a more spacious look that utilises smart storage solutions and opens up the area for a less cluttered feel. If you are looking for more tips and tricks for your home or are interested in all the latest in interior design and lighting trends, why not visit our main blog page here. You can also head over to our socials @bhs_uk for more amazing photoshoots, inspiration, competitions, and promotions!

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