Competition: Danielle Steel and BHS Collab Giveaway

Competition: Danielle Steel and BHS Collab Giveaway


As we close the doors on 2022 and head into 2023, we find ourselves in the same new year, new start dilemma, having the same yearly talks on how this year will be better than the last. One person looking to hit a massive milestone in 2023 is the world’s Best-Selling Author (alive today) Danielle Steel. Danielle is hoping 2023 is going to be a big year for her as we prepare for her to sell her 1 billion copies of her books worldwide. Those who are already avid fans of Danielle Steel will already be preparing for the new releases due to drop throughout 2023. Getting ready to snuggle up in the evenings under ambient lighting, allowing you to relax and unwind and fully immerse yourself within her tales. However, for those who don’t know much about Danielle Steel, not to worry. There is still plenty of time now to get to know her.


Danielle Steel is an American Author best known for her romance novels. Throughout her career as an author, Danielle has written over 200 books, with over 140 books being novels, all of which are still in print too. This has earned Danielle the title of the best-selling Author alive today and the 4th best-selling Author of all time. Danielle’s books have been translated into 43 different languages enabling people across the world to enjoy her writing. While 22 of her books have been adapted for TV and 25 books have been adapted into films. As always, Danielle has spent the last few years working on several books at any time. Below we have listed her five most recent books either published or due to be published over the coming year. Keep reading below to find out more and to help you decide which book to choose next…


The High Notes


The High Notes is a powerful and uplifting story about following your dreams. It was released on 13th October 2022. Iris Cooper grew up as a poor girl from Texas. After her mother left her as a baby, she was raised by her rodeo cowboy father. Her father was too busy with women and whiskey to be able to provide Iris with what she needed. Iris had an innocent beauty to her, and she had the voice of an angel. She spent her young life from 12 years old singing in grotty bars and spent many years on the road with numerous bands losing out to greedy managers time and time again. That is until she meets Boy, together they head to New York. It is there that her talent is finally recognised, and she gets signed by one of the top agents in the music business. A star is finally born, and Iris finally gets what she deserves… That is until tragedy strikes, and it is through that, that Iris finally discovers another kind of love…

The Whittiers


The Whittiers was released on the 24th of November 2022. It is a heart-warming story that reminds us of the importance of home, family and always being true to yourself, no matter what. The Whittier parents raised their 6 children in a grand Manhattan mansion. However, now even as grown adults, the house remains to be the heart of the family and somewhere they all return to. Unfortunately, during an annual skiing holiday in Europe. Connie and Peter Whittiers were caught in an avalanche that resulted in tragedy. The family tragedy puts the future of the family, and their home now in question. The home has always been a refuge for all 6 children bringing comfort when needed. However, the siblings must now learn how to be true to themselves and come together to support each other’s, to allow them to move forward and life and face the challenges they need to.



The compelling novel Invisible was released on 8th December 2022. Antonia Adams was the product of a loveless marriage between her parents. As a young child, Antonia always felt unloved and unprotected and learnt that the only way to feel safe was to draw as little attention as possible, to be invisible. Films became Antonia’s escape and she dreamed of becoming a screenwriter one day. Until she meets a famous filmmaker while working a summer job at a Hollywood studio. Who allows her to be in a movie and become a star. Antonia is now pushed into the public eye and the spotlight. Although, never gave up on her dream to be a filmmaker. When tragedy strikes Antonia must decide whether to remain centre stage or whether to retract back to the safety of being invisible once again. Will Anthonia be able to face her fears or will so go back into hiding?

Worthy Opponents


Worthy Opponents is due for release on 02nd March 2023. It is a dynamic, bright, and upmarket tale of family, wealth, and success. From being a young girl Spencer Brooke had always known she would own and run one of New York’s most respected department stores, established by her grandfather in 1920. After the death of her grandfather, Spencer becomes vulnerable and in turn, rushes into an unsuitable marriage and then finds out she is pregnant with twins. Determined to be a mother, wife and CEO, Spencer gave herself very little time for a social life as the ever-changing fashion industry brings new challenges. That is until Mike Weston, a smart and successful entrepreneur enters her life. Could Mike a doting father, facing marital problems of his own be just what Spencer needs, can she trust him? Or should Spencer keep her independence and risk the security of her inheritance?




Beautiful is due to be released on 16th March 2023. It is the story of Veronique Vincent 22-year-old renowned supermodel whose world is torn apart in an instant that sends her on an unexpected journey of discovery. Being one of the most sought-after models in fashion, dominating magazine covers and runways all over the world. However, tragedy strikes while away that changes Veronique’s life forever. She becomes forced to deal with the harsh reality of both her personal and professional life never being the same again. As she must learn to find herself again after losing so much, Veronique discovers old family secrets and creates new bonds that allow her to find peace in helping others as she learns to understand what it truly means to be beautiful.

Now after reading the synopsis of these 5 books, I can’t be the only one dying to get my hands on a copy of each book to find out everything. Which book is going to be your first stop? If you weren’t already a fan of Danielle Steel or had never heard of her, have we converted you? Do you feel obligated to read one of her books to see what all the fuss is about? We hope so! Danielle Steel and BHS are collaborating throughout the beginning of 2023 to gift some lucky winners a copy of the books as well as the stylish, modern, crystal-effect Paladina Table Lamp.


Danielle Steel and BHS are collaborating throughout the beginning of 2023 to gift some lucky winner a copy of the books as well as the stylish, modern, crystal-effect Paladina Table Lamp (as seen below). To be in with a chance to WIN, simply comment below the title of the Danielle Steel book you would most like to read and why? Once commented you will be entered into the random prize draw.



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