Back to Uni 2023: Student Home Essentials

Back to Uni 2023: Student Home Essentials

As the summer draws to a close, students all over the country are gearing up for a new academic year. And with the return to campus life, one thing is certain – the need for a cosy, well-lit space to study, relax, and unwind. That's where BHS Lighting comes in. With a wide range of stylish and functional lighting solutions, we’re here to help students create the perfect ambience in their new home away from home. In this blog, we'll explore some essential lighting tips and products to transform any student living space into a comfortable and inspiring haven.


Bright Ideas for Study Spaces


Creating an effective study space is vital for academic success. Proper lighting can significantly impact concentration levels and reduce eye strain. BHS Lighting offers a variety of desk lamps that combine functionality and style. The Sian Task Lamp features an adjustable spotlight head, allowing students to customise the lighting according to their needs, and comes in grey, pink, yellow, blue, and white to suit any colour scheme. With a sleek design and energy-efficient compatibility with LED bulbs, this lamp is a must-have for late-night study sessions.


Sian Task Lamp Grey


Enhancing Room Ambience


Transforming a dorm room or apartment into a comfortable living space requires careful consideration of lighting. Our Renzo Table Lamps in black or chrome offer the versatility of adjusting lighting colours to suit different moods. Whether it's a warm, relaxing glow for movie nights or a vibrant accent hue for social gatherings, these LED-integrated table lamps can be controlled through an RGB remote, making it easy to create the desired atmosphere with just a few taps.


Renzo colour changing table lamp


Multifunctional Floor Lamps


Maximise limited space by incorporating multifunctional pieces. BHS Lighting's Hazel Shelf Floor Lamp in black combines lighting with storage, making them ideal for student living. These floor lamps feature built-in shelves for books, plants, or other essentials, eliminating clutter while providing ample illumination. They're a practical and stylish solution for shared spaces or compact rooms.


Hazel shelf floor lamp black


Dorm Room Décor


Personalising living spaces is a vital part of creating a comfortable home away from home. BHS Lighting offers a range of decorative string lights that can add a touch of whimsy to any dorm room. These lights come in various designs, from pom-pom lights and heart lights to space-themed lighting, allowing students to express their individuality and infuse their space with personality.


For students seeking a trendy and contemporary way to enhance their living space, BHS Lighting offers a stunning selection of neon wall lights and acrylic neon light boxes. These unique lighting options are perfect for adding a pop of colour and an artistic touch to dorm rooms, common areas, or study nooks. Neon lights come in a variety of designs, not only providing ambient lighting but also serving as captivating decorative pieces that spark conversation and inspire creativity.


Glow LED Pom Pom String Lights, Multi Coloured


Plug-in Lights


For students who want to make a lighting statement without the hassle of wiring or installation, plug-in wall lights from BHS Lighting are a fantastic solution. These versatile lights offer the convenience of easy setup without compromising on style or functionality. They can be strategically placed beside beds for late-night reading, above desks for focused study sessions, or even near seating areas to create a cosy corner for relaxation.


Daria Plug in Wal Light White


Are You Ready for the Back to Uni Season?


As students embark on another academic year, creating a comfortable and well-lit living space is important for their well-being and success. BHS Lighting's extensive range of lighting solutions caters to various needs and preferences, from study-focused desk lamps to mood-setting colourful lights and multifunctional floor lamps. By incorporating our products, students can design a space that promotes productivity, relaxation, and personal expression. Make the most of the Back to Uni season by illuminating the path to a successful and enjoyable academic journey with BHS Lighting.


Remember, the right lighting can transform a room from drab to fab. Explore BHS Lighting's collection today and illuminate your way to a brighter student life! Visit our social media pages @BHS_UK to see all the latest trends in lighting or visit our main blog page for more top styling tips.

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