Rattan: This Year’s Hottest Trend

Rattan: This Year’s Hottest Trend


One of the hottest trends of 2021, rattan styling has seen a huge comeback this year. Weaving its way into a variety of home styles, this trend is truly perfect for any home, allowing you to pull nature into your décor for a light and bright Summer refresh. Carry on reading to learn more about the rattan style and to get our expert styling tips.


What is rattan?

Rattan is a trend as old as time. Similar to wicker, rattan is a completely natural material located in the tropical regions of Africa, Australia and Asia. Durable, flexible and also attractive, rattan can be found commonly in lots of garden furniture and accessories for a stylish look that can withstand the natural elements.

But now rattan is moving indoors, and we couldn’t be happier. The bohemian style is a fan favourite among the home interior-loving community, with its eclectic styling, mix and match of fabrics and patterns, and its overwhelming cosiness that instantly encompasses any space with a calming ambience. Rattan plays a huge role in boho, commonly incorporated into the frames of furniture like sofas, beds, tables and anything else that comes to mind. This natural look transforms your décor completely, pulling inspiration from beautiful East Asian architecture and blending hints of Persian flair to create a home style like no other.

The beauty of rattan lies in its versatility; allowing you to decide where, how and how much of the element is used to achieve a certain look. Truthfully, rattan can be incorporated into any interior trend. Minimalism? A pop of rattan can really help to break up the space and provide a cosy element. Contemporary? Use rattan beside other natural materials such as concrete or marble for a stylish pop. Even industrial interiors can rely on rattan for a lighter touch of colour.


Small and Regular Woven Rattan Easyfit Shade in Natural finish in kitchen setting


How to style rattan in your home

First, it’s important to decide on the look you’re aiming to achieve. If an eclectic bohemian paradise is your ideal home, use rattan as much as possible. Lighting, furniture, storage; no matter the element, tie in the rattan theme. Do you have a more modern-toned interior in mind? Limit the rattan to key features. Use the material to make a statement; making sure it stands out rather than blends in. This can easily be done through rattan hints like light shades, vases and other decorative accessories.

A key element of your décor to partner with rattan is also your colour scheme. On one hand, a light palette achieves a more authentic look. White walls, wooden floors and a blend of creamy hues throughout incorporate a peaceful serenity ideal for getting a beachy, coastal vibe in your home. This instant relaxation brings the luxury getaway aesthetic to your home, transporting you to an exotic paradise within the 4 walls of your home.

On the other hand, rattan can be a great accessory to eclectic décor. Deep cool-toned walls such as forest green and ocean blue, dark colour schemes and the use of refined natural materials such as concrete and marble work extremely well with the rattan trend as well. Rattan can be used in small hints to open up the space with a lighter hint. This is where lighting works extremely well.

This isn’t the only way to get eclectic, however. Blending the two styles mentioned above can create a fabulous statement interior. Swap out the deep blue walls for a burnt orange, pull in some darker elements with cushions and throws, jot some natural materials throughout with hints of ceramic and concrete, and finally lift the décor with rattan furniture and accessories. This all-new style is increasingly popular at the moment, and it can be a wonderful way to create a unique home for yourself.


Rattan Tall Dome Easyfit Shade in Natural finish over green chair


Rattan lighting top-picks

Rattan lighting can be found throughout a variety of home styles, such as the three distinct styles mentioned above, for example. Luckily, we offer a fabulous range of Rattan light shades ideal for achieving your desired look, no matter what that may be.

Get the traditional style with the Rattan Tall Dome Easyfit Shade. Available in natural and bleached natural, this statement shade is the perfect accessory to give your home a wonderful, beachy aesthetic. With these shades throughout your home, your decor will never feel cold.


Rattan Tall Dome Easyfit Shade in Bleached Natural finish over black wire chair


Why not create a statement with a darker-toned rattan? Our Small Woven Rattan Easyfit Shade in matte black is the ideal light for your bedroom. Double up this shade beside your bed for a luxurious bedroom style. If the more traditional look is to your liking, however, this shade also comes in natural and matte pink finishes, as well as larger sizes for a more statement appearance.


Small Woven Rattan Easyfit Shade in Matte Black finish in bedroom setting


Finally, take a look at our Rattan Double Cylinder Easyfit Shade. In matte black or pink, this is the perfect accessory to a more contemporary style, with its modern, geometric design that stands out with its clean lines and uniform structure.


Rattan Double Cylinder Easyfit Shade in Matte Black finish over pink sofa


Immerse your space with rattan

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Thank you for reading our blog and we hope we helped to spark some inspiration for your home style. Keep up to date with the BHS blog for more fantastic content just like this, as well as handy guides and more product recommendations for your home.

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