Make your home more luxurious with lighting

Make your home more luxurious with lighting

We all know luxury when we see it, whether it’s at home or out and about; it’s unmistakable. Luxurious features catch the eye and give an undeniably classy look and feel to any space, and there’s plenty of options available to suit absolutely any household’s style. If you’re struggling to find a way to introduce a luxurious tone to your home, don’t worry – we’ve got it covered! Read on below to find our top picks for a luxury décor and let us know if any grabbed your attention in the comments below!

Statement Ceiling Lights

Let’s start off with ceiling lighting. Ceiling lights are the largest, boldest light fittings you’ll have in any space, giving the main source of light to your interiors and dictating the level of illumination that you’ll have in the room. These are also the best style of lighting for making a stylish statement, with a huge selection of suspended designs purpose-built to give an eye-catching focal point to any décor. This makes them a brilliant starting point when trying to bring any theme into your home. Here are a few of our favourite luxury ceiling lights:

Carmella 10 Light Cluster, Copper

For those larger spaces, you’ll want an extravagant piece. The Carmella 10 light cluster pendant is a fantastic choice for any household looking for a wide spread of light across the surrounding space from a truly stunning pendant structure. Each of the 10 lights hangs individually and can be adjusted to a height that suits your interiors, with a double shade design, one clear and one champagne tinted, giving a fantastic diffused effect to the light for a softer glow.

Daphne 9 Light Bathroom Ceiling Pendant, Chrome

If it’s a more traditional take you’re looking for, the Daphne chandelier is perfect for you, with an elegant decoration of crystal effect droplets, intricate beading, and sophisticated sconces giving a touch of class to any interior. The 9 light fitting hangs from a simple chain and is finished in an entirely chrome and clear style that offers a modern twist to the chandelier and the décor that it’s used within. Daphne is available in a range of sizes and styles, including 5 light and 3 light ceiling fixture variations, and is suitable for bathroom use!

Elegant Accents

Once you’ve found the perfect centrepiece for your luxurious décor, it’s time to take a look at the accent features that you can use to really complete the look in style, offering a supplementary form of lighting that adds atmosphere and ambience to the room. The Tess wall light is a great alternative that gives an elegant, delicate tone to your home, with a gorgeous crystal effect beading decoration falling from the chrome fitting. The 2 light wall fixture will give a soft glow to the surrounding areas that creates a more relaxed environment to unwind within, making this light an ideal choice for the bedroom or lounge. Take a look at the Tess wall light at!

Relaxed and Ambient

Giving a soft, atmospheric shine to your interiors is an important step towards creating a homely space that you can relax in at the end of the day. There’s plenty of different options to choose from when looking for ambient lighting, but there’s few that are quite as versatile as lamps. With a lamp, you’ll get an unfixed feature that can be manoeuvred around a room to give the perfect light to your interiors, with a wide selection of stylish structures available to bring gorgeous luxury style to your home. Take a look at our top picks, the Jessica and the Othello, below:

Jessica Floor Lamp, Chrome

Our Jessica floor lamp takes the chandelier design and gives it a unique revamp by turning it into an abstract floor lamp design that gives opulent elegance to a living room or bedroom. A tall chrome piece with clear decoration, the lamp has 6 lights and gives a pool of atmospheric light to the room. Each light sits within a clear sconce and features an arrangement of beading and crystal droplets, adding to the elegant decorative design.

Othello Floor & Table Lamps

If you’re looking for a matching set, our Othello lamps are sure to have you intrigued, with a small table lamp and larger floor lamp both available to light up your home with exquisite illumination. These lamps have a sleek chrome design and feature a unique array of curling arms and smoke crystal detailing surrounding the lights for a contemporary tone. If you’ve been swept away by these lamps, we’ve got a full Othello lighting collection to partner these lights with, including clear crystal variations!

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By now you’ll have an overload of options on how to give your home a luxurious touch, but ultimately it’s all down to your own personal taste and décor style, so let us know if any of our suggestions had you head over heels for the luxury look!

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