Create the Perfect Garden Haven with Outdoor Lighting

Create the Perfect Garden Haven with Outdoor Lighting


As the sky begins to clear and the weather starts to warm, a cosy garden snug is just what you need to enjoy your outdoor activities this Summer. Whether you plan on hosting the family barbeque or perhaps wish to create a relaxing den ideal for winding down with a glass of wine under the starry sky, we’re here to help with the best advice on how outdoor lights can truly help to transform your gardens.

 There’s no better feeling than that of the sun beaming down as the cool breeze brushes through the air with a refreshing feel. Those Summer days are what we all get excited for, but why does the day have to end there? Even though the golden hour sky has faded into a midnight blue, there are still endless possibilities to enjoy time outdoors this season.

Garden dens are perfect for making the most of the night – creating a comforting space ideal for stargazing. With a row of cushioned deck chairs, an outdoor table and a wooden gazebo, you have a brand new social hub perfect for making the most of the sun and keeping the fun going through to the early hours.

A sure way of emphasising some cosy vibes is through the use of soft, decorative lighting. Our Jared Outdoor Spike Light in stainless steel is the perfect solution to this, with a minimal appearance that brings a warming touch to your gardens. This outdoor spike light fills the space with an ambient glow that gently accentuates your garden features while providing a luminous mood light.

Jared Outdoor Spike Light in Stainless Steel


Letting your garden glow

Outdoor lighting is a necessity throughout your garden, not just for the practical task light, but also for emphasising your style and allowing you to create a focal point – a key feature is providing your garden with a unique sense of character. Whether your garden is filled with greenery or completely tiled over, there’s always ways to incorporate outdoor lights.

A popular choice for grass and plant beds is the use of spike lights. These practical fittings stick into the ground and help to project an upwards light into the areas that require it. This is a great way of pulling focus to specific outdoor features such as gorgeous flower beds, twisting ivy details or perhaps emphasising the scale of your home. Another garden lighting idea to consider is up and down outdoor wall lights. Projecting the light up and down the wall, this outside lighting is a great solution for larger areas that require a not so harsh light.

Post lanterns are also perfect at pulling focus. These standing floor lamps help to provide a soft pool of light that gently illuminates features such as walkways or stone paths. A simple effect like this truly takes your gardens to new levels, with a dreamy aesthetic that complements any style. We recommend fitting a couple of these throughout your exteriors sparingly – allowing for a less-stylised structure that really helps to emphasise the rustic feel of the outdoors.

If you’re going for a more classic style, our Ferris Outdoor Polycarbonate Short Post Lantern is the perfect light for you, with a traditional lantern frame with large glass windows that glow as the warm light escapes. Pair this fitting with a vintage style bulb for a classy twist.

Ferris Outdoor Polycarbonate Short Post Lantern


Automating your Lighting

When the sun sets on your garden, don’t let it put a hold on the fun. Instead of frantically turning all outdoor lights on as the night gets dark, consider incorporating automated lighting. Photocell sensors don’t put a pause on your activities, they instead activate the lights when they detect the space is getting less bright. This is an extremely useful feature that won’t go amiss in your garden – impressing your guests as your home lights itself at the relevant time.

Installing photocell sensors has never been easier; we have a range of products that come with a built-in daylight sensor! Wall lights such as our Murray Outdoor Cylinder Wall Light with Photocell in black is a great example, able to be easily installed just like any other outdoor light, with no extra fuss.

PIR sensors are also something to consider for your home. Mainly used for security lighting, these sensors help to detect any movement close by in order to bring your attention to any unexpected activity. However, their motion detection has a variety of other uses, such as lighting up a side path for clearer visibility. Take our Jared Outdoor Wall Light with PIR Sensor in Anthracite for example, lining a few of these along the side of your home adds a stylish look but helps you navigate your home in the dark with ease.

Jared Outdoor Wall light with PIR Sensor in Anthracite


Indulge in all the Summer Activities!

We hope this outdoor garden lighting blog has helped to spark some inspiration for your gardens this Summer. Whether you cosy up under the night sky in your new garden snug, or perhaps automate your lighting for an impressive display, lighting your exteriors is a must-have this year.

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