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Shop the full range of kids lighting at BHS and illuminate their room in style. Children's lights and lamps ideal for playrooms, nurseries and bedrooms that your little ones will love with cute characters and stylish shapes. We have kids ceiling lights, wall lights and lamps, or choose an easy fit shade for a pop of colour.

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  1. Glow Whirly Ceiling Light, Pink

  2. Glow Tractor Ceiling Pendant Light, Blue

  3. Glow Flush Ceiling Light, Navy

  4. Glow Boat Ceiling Pendant Light, Blue

  5. Glow Whirly Ceiling Light, Matte Black

  6. Glow Flush Ceiling Light, Pink

  7. Glow Outer Space Flush Ceiling Light, Blue

  8. Glow Car Ceiling Pendant Light, Red

  9. Glow Fire Engine Ceiling Pendant Light, Red

  10. Glow Rocket Ceiling Pendant Light, Blue

  11. Glow Whirly Ceiling Light, Blue

  12. Glow Saturn Ceiling Pendant Light, Blue

  13. Glow Flush Ceiling Light, Mint

  14. Glow Helicopter Ceiling Pendant Light, Green

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