About Us

About Us

Welcome Back!
What's in a name?
For many of us, BHS stood for more than just a store- it was a British institution. Loved by both shoppers and staff, it is a joyful revelation to be able to keep this brand name alive. BHS was founded in south London in 1928 with five key principles at its heart. It's these principles, paired with a determination to show the world what BHS can be in this modern age with some love and care, that keeps our small team going…
The 5 key values we strive for…
Inclusivity Beautifully designed products affordable for every home and wardrobe in the country.

Accessibility A warm and friendly place where your feedback is welcomed, and questions are all answered by a helpful, happy human.

Fairness & Equality Working with suppliers who craft quality products at fair prices which we then share with you.

British Design Celebrating the melting pot of talent that reflect the vibrant cultures that make up Britain today.

Lasting Quality Well designed and well-made products you can trust to survive the knocks of life and still look great.

Welcome Back!
Our BHS.com story so far…
The BHS stores were large in stature but also held a place in people's hearts. They harked back to a better time, a kinder time - a time when a personalised service with a smile could be provided to each and every one. This was a warm and friendly place you could walk into without being intimidated and find good quality products that you could trust to last- and it's this experience we aim to recreate as best as possible through our online channels.

Launching as an online-only retailer at the end of 2016 was an immediate step-change for the brand- quickly shaking off the image of unloved stores. We were now an agile, innovative start-up business, and those who came from the original company were more than ready for this exciting new challenge! With a clear vision that BHS needed to be reinvented for today's tech-savvy customer and an understanding that we needed, as a team, to win back the trust and reliability of our customers- the challenge to build a new home for the brand began.

It was a huge task- and the new BHS.com launched within a record-winning seven weeks. We have taken large and small steps forward every day since and are ready to shout about our offering to all. We have learned a lot, changed a few things along the way and listened to the demands of our customers. We now offer a range of products that meet today's needs, as well as previous bestsellers that we know you all loved and missed.

We are still at the start of a new journey, we have plenty more to do and hope you join us for the ride!