Add the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen with one of our Pendant Lights. Modern lighting designs ideal for over a dining table, kitchen island or brightening up a breakfast bar. Practical and stylish ceiling pendant lights that will complement any kitchen or dining room.


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  1. Olson Ceiling Pendant, White
  2. Bodhi Ceiling Pendant, Brass
  3. Marcus Pendant -50%
    Marcus Pendant, Terracotta
    Sale Price £25.00 Regular Price £50.00
  4. Parker Pendant Light, Brass
  5. Felix Ceiling Pendant, White
  6. Ace Diner Pendant Light -50%
    Ace Diner Pendant Light, Grey
    Sale Price £30.00 Regular Price £60.00
  7. Ace Diner Pendant -50%
    Ace Diner Pendant, Black
    Sale Price £30.00 Regular Price £60.00
  8. Bok Ceiling Pendant, White
  9. Natasha Ceiling Pendant, Grey
  10. Carmella Ceiling Pendant, Copper

20 Items

per page
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