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Ceiling lights provide the main source of light in any room so it is important to get the right choice to suit your decor and illuminate the room with bright, even light. Shop our huge range of stylish, modern ceiling lights here at BHS and we are sure to have the right ceiling light fitting for you. We have a stunning collection of chandeliers, pendants & spotlights to brighten your home.

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  1. Glow Traffic Easy Fit Light Shade, White

  2. Steel Diner Easyfit Shade, White

  3. Glow Iridescent Cloud Easy Fit Shade, White

  4. Glow Pom Pom Easy Fit Light Shade, White

  5. Glow Stars Iridescent Easy Fit Shade, White

  6. Landon Easyfit Shade, White

  7. Landon Small Easyfit Shade, White

  8. Glow Landon Easy Fit Shade, Iridescent

  9. Glow Taco Easy Fit Shade, Iridescent

  10. 30cm Laser Cut Easyfit Shade, White

  11. Bamboo Dome Easyfit Shade, White

  12. Glow Large Feather Easy Fit Shade, White

  13. Glow Feather Easy Fit Shade, White

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