Towels Buying Guide



We're here to provide you with as much information as possible so you make an informed purchase, and care for your new towels.


Tumble Dry
Before Use

For best results & to maintain their ultra soft & fluffy feel & appearance, tumble dry, & wash your new towels before use!


Use Fabric
Conditioner Sparingly

You may only want to use fabric conditioner every 3-4 washes, as using too much conditioner may affect the absorbency of the towels.


Shake it!

Give your towels a shake when taking them out of the dryer to help fluff up the yarns & keep your towels thick & soft.

Size Guide

Towels can differ in size between brands, so here’s a handy diagram of the dimensions for our towels, ranging from Face Cloths to XL Bath Sheet.


(Towel Weights)

So what’s GSM? It stands for Grams Per Square Metre. The higher the GSM, the more absorbent the towel; it doesn’t affect the quality of the towel. Handy to know, our towels are super absorbent!


Ultra Soft Towels

We're excited to be launching our best ever Ultra Soft Zero Twist cotton towel range. Made in Portugal using the finest quality cotton & superior dyes for our brightest, longest lasting ever colours. Truly our best ever towel range, our promise to you.