Bedroom Lighting

If you’re looking for bedroom lighting ideas, you’ll find our affordable collection are ideal for creating a warm and intimate bedroom setting that you’ll look forward to coming home to.  

Your bedroom lights sets the tone for the whole room, so it’s important to find the best bedroom lighting for you. Pendant lighting and chandeliers are great lights for bringing a bit of style and glamour to the bedroom, whilst bedroom lamps are perfect for adding a little low-key lighting to your bedside. Get your bedroom lights right, and you’ll be well on your way to creating a brilliant bedroom atmosphere.

Sirena Chandelier
Lighting Event Sirena Chandelier
Was £295.00 Now £236.00
Ella Chandelier
Lighting Event Ella Chandelier
Was £350.00 Now £280.00
Emily Chandelier
Lighting Event Emily Chandelier
Was £350.00 Now £280.00
Sophie Flush Light
Lighting Event Sophie Flush Light
Was £195.00 Now £156.00
Olivia Chandelier
Lighting Event Olivia Chandelier
Was £450.00 Now £360.00
Jessica Chandelier
Lighting Event Jessica Chandelier
Was £320.00 Now £256.00
Poppy Chandelier
Lighting Event Poppy Chandelier
Was £200.00 Now £160.00
Sarah Table Lamp
Lighting Event Sarah Table Lamp
Was £125.00 Now £100.00
Lila Floor Lamp
Lighting Event Lila Floor Lamp
Was £105.00 Now £84.00