Rugs & Pouffes

The collection of The British Home Store rugs spans every colour, design and style — offering ranges which are machine washable to luxurious 100% pure wool.

Complete your entrance way with a doormat that welcomes guests to your indoor retreat. For living areas you can sink your feet into a high pile rug, perfect for adding comfort, warmth and interest to a stone or wooden floor; or opt for a shaggy style rug for a touch of vintage flair. Dry off and step out of the shower onto luxury, with bath mats that soak up every last drop of water.

The British Home Store rugs are also ideal for adding splendour to the bedroom, perfect for placing at the foot of the bed — super soft and warm underfoot. Co−ordinate colours with our selection of bedspreads or select a contrasting hue for a room with depth.

With rugs throughout the home catered for, there's but one item left for complete comfort that starts at the front door and ends at the bed. Our range of pouffes are a must have for relaxing evenings and weekends on the sofa or in the armchair. If you need a little added storage then go cubic — for being on trend and having a place to store those essential items that would otherwise clutter up your living areas. Alternatively you may want to choose a knitted pouffe which can serve as either a footrest or added seating for the impromptu guest.

Caspian Shaggy Rug, Taupe
Was £50.00 – £225.00 Now £30.00 – £140.00
Caspian Shaggy Rug , Heather
Was £50.00 – £125.00 Now £30.00 – £80.00
Madison Sumptuous Rug, Lime
Was £40.00 – £200.00 Now £30.00 – £140.00
100% Pure Wool Malmo Rug, Mono
Was £79.99 – £129.00 Now £63.99 – £103.20
Madison Sumptuous Rug, Taupe
Was £40.00 – £200.00 Now £30.00 – £140.00
100% Pure Wool Horizon Stripe Rug, Duck Egg
Was £65.00 – £110.00 Now £52.00 – £88.00
Supersoft Rug, Lime
Was £35.00 – £110.00 Now £21.00 – £66.00
100% Pure Wool Horizon Stripe Rug, Red
Was £65.00 – £110.00 Now £52.00 – £88.00
Essentials Sumptuous Rug, Lime
Was £70.00 – £110.00 Now £42.00 – £66.00
Hudson Textured Rug, Moleskin
Was £240.00 Now £130.00 – £192.00