Sheets & Pillowcases

You deserve the finest of night's sleeps — for which our sheets and pillow cases are perfect. Swathe yourself in a bed sheet fit for a king, and rest your head upon sumptuous material with any one of our luxury standard pillow cases.

The British Home Store pillow cases are perfect for encasing the fluffiest of pillows in smooth textures and beautifully soft materials. With Egyptian cotton, you can stay cool in the summer and cosy in the winter, whilst our selection of colours ensure that you find the perfect pillowcase pair to suit your bedroom's colour palette.

Our sheets then complete the picture, covering doubles, singles, flats and fitted — there really is every option for sleeping upon soft, smooth bedding. What’s more, with an eye on the always affordable, our Essentials range provides for exceptional products at industry leading prices. Now there is no compromise when it comes to choosing between style, comfort and price point.

With the comfort aspect well and truly covered, and products that are each as stylish as the last, it's time to talk practicalities. After all, for all the most luxurious sheets and pillowcases in the world, you wouldn't want to face a laundry room nightmare week in, week out. That's why every product amongst our ranges has been put through its paces and faced stringent testing to ensure they look as beautiful today, as they do next season, and that they handle wash after wash with ease. Our products are also easy to care for — so you don't have to worry about your pillowcases or sheets losing their superior softness over time.

Once you've chosen your sheets and pillowcases, why not complete the overhaul of your bedroom and makeover of your sleep, with bedding sets that span every style, design and colour the home furnishing world has to offer.

Essentials Flat Sheet, White
Was £7.99 – £11.99 Now £5.60 – £8.40
200 Thread Count Percale Duvet Cover, Ivory
Was £15.00 – £30.00 Now £9.00 – £18.00
Essentials Flat Sheet, Purple
Was £5.60 – £11.99 Now £1.00 – £8.30