Duvets, Pillows & Protectors

The British Home Store's selection of duvets, pillows and protectors feature leading brand names known for superior quality, comfort and wash after wash durability — enhancing sleep and making home life easier. Discovering the most beautiful of bedding sets shouldn't be a time−consuming chore — shop by colour, category, and style and discover your perfect product in a matter of minutes.

Here you'll find The British Home Store pillows filled with every material available, from sumptuous duck feather, to more affordable yet no less luxury options. Our products feature both natural and synthetic fibres to suit every preference and every budget. Once you've chosen your perfect pair of pillows, explore The British Home Store's range of pillowcases that will encase them in a super smooth and superior quality material.

Each and every product amongst The British Home Store's duvets share one thing in common, and that's complete and utter comfort. For snuggling up and resting cosy and warm over winter, or staying comfortable and perfectly cool during summer, The British Home Store duvets are versatile and made for comfort. Choose your ideal duvet based on your warmth requirements — opt for 13.5g for the coldest of winter snaps, or go for a lighter option for the remaining seasons.

Amongst our selection are duvets that can be washed at home — maintaining their texture and holding onto their structure wash, after wash, after wash.

The British Home Store is also home to products that are specially chosen for their anti−allergy materials — for sneeze and snuffle free nights and a completely peaceful, uninterrupted slumber.

With your pillows plumped and your duvet ready to drape over the bed, choose a protector for optimal airflow and temperature control. The British Home Store range of quilted protectors add a lovely layer of extra comfort, and are manufactured to be durable and remain cosy and soft year on year.

Complete your bedding set and explore our duvet and pillowcase covers — adding the super smooth outer, for your plush pillow or snuggly duvet inner.

Bestseller Silentnight Ultrabounce 13.5Tog Duvet
Was £52.00 – £76.00 Now £20.00 – £30.00
Made In The UK Silentnight Ultrabounce 10.5Tog Duvet
Was £40.00 – £64.00 Now £16.00 – £25.00
Bestseller Silentnight Complete Bed Set 10.5Tog
Was £40.00 – £60.00 Now £16.00 – £24.00
Snuggledown Duck Feather & Down 10.5 Tog Duvet
Was £45.00 – £75.00 Now £36.00 – £60.00
Snuggledown Hotel Microfibre 10.5 Duvet
Was £60.00 – £90.00 Now £48.00 – £72.00
Snuggledown Goose Feather & Down 10.5 Tog Duvet
Was £70.00 – £115.00 Now £56.00 – £92.00
Snuggledown Hollowfibre Mattress Protector
Was £15.00 – £20.00 Now £12.00 – £16.00
Wash & Dry Me Mattress Topper
Was £35.00 – £50.00 Now £28.00 – £60.00
Wash & Dry Me Mattress Protector
Was £20.00 – £35.00 Now £16.00 – £28.00