How to Create a Cosy Space with Lighting This Autumn

How to Create a Cosy Space with Lighting This Autumn


While many of us will have spent a lot of time at home over the last few months, the rapid transition into autumn will mean we’re about to spend a little bit longer there. However, with the chillier evenings arriving almost instantly, we certainly don’t think that's a bad thing. There’s nothing better than embracing the autumnal weather, curling up with a blanket and a hot chocolate, but most importantly, you’ll need a cosy space to enjoy it in.

There are plenty of little ways to make your home feel warm and inviting this season, from scented candles to scatter cushions but the key to bringing it all together is with your lighting. With the right form of lighting, you’ll be able to create an ambience that’s perfect for relaxing after a long hard day. Read on for our top tips on how you can brighten up your home as the long nights draw in.

benson curved floor lamp in copper


Create a “Cosy Corner”


Creating a corner of your own in larger spaces is a wonderful way to create a cosy and relaxing feel. Line your favourite chill out area with some cushions, blankets and a small end table (for your wine of course) and bring everything together with a stylish floor lamp. Not only will this provide you with plenty of light in this particular area but floor lamps are also ideal for bringing adequate light to a room as a whole without making things seem overpowering.

The Benson Curved Floor Lamp is one of our top picks right now. It has a minimalistic design that combines both the industrial and vintage trends - both of which are incredibly popular for autumn. The minimalist feel of the lamp makes it highly versatile and it will work well with almost all forms of décor. However, if you pair with warm colour palettes, you’ll instantly bring out the best of its warm copper tones.

Our Olson Arc Floor Lamp is another one of our favourites this season, thanks to its simple but sleek modern design which would fit homes with a sophisticated, decorative style. The crisp white finish is perfect for modern interiors while the contrasting elements of brass give the piece a dash of extra sophistication.  


olson arc floor lamp


Big Lamps & Low Tables


While we’re on the topic of cosy corners, another way you can create the effect is by adding a statement table lamp. Position the lamp on a low end-table, roughly to the height of your head to create a lovely, localised glow that is perfect for curling up with a book or in front of the TV. Larger table lamps are also a great way to bring everything in your room together and we’re big fans of the Metro Glass Sphere Table Lamp in particular. This hugely versatile piece blends in wonderfully with most decorative styles and the warm champagne hues are perfect for adding to that cosy, autumnal feel. Similarly, you can create a soothing and relaxing vibe in your space with the help of the Drey Table Lamp. The angled and overlapping legs add a touch of quirkiness to the piece, while the sleek black shade pairs beautifully with the warm glow to create a calming and warm atmosphere in any room.


Drey Table Lamp

Whimsical & Quirky Styles


Going for pieces that evoke some personality is an excellent way to create a toasty and inviting feel to your home. Whether you opt for statement pieces, bold colours or vibrant patterns, the choice is up to you and the possibilities are endless. The Hennock Ceiling Light is one of our favourite styles and we especially love the unique, eye-catching design! The lights coming out in different directions are an innovative way to illuminate separate areas of the room, while the overall design creates a truly stand out piece that will be the focal point of any room.

For those who prefer to make their mark with colour, opting for a brightly coloured lampshade can be a great way to bring your decor together. The Taylor Large Velvet Easyfit Shade is one of our top sellers, with a simplistic but stylish design and a luxury velvet feel. Perfect for creating a focal point in your room, the vibrant colour is sure to tie everything together beautifully and inject a refreshing pop of colour. If you’re in the market for smaller pieces, we love the Theo Wooden Table Lamp too. The exposed bulb is ideal for those who love vintage style decor with a modern twist, while the rich oak finish will help you to create an inviting, rustic look in your room this season.


Taylor Large Velvet Easyfit Shade

Pendant Lighting

If you’re working with larger rooms, it may seem a little tricky to achieve that cosy feeling, but actually, with the right lighting, it can be pretty easy to do. Pendant lighting is a fantastic way to do this, as it can help to divide a room, allowing you to accentuate separate areas, whilst also framing the space as a whole - giving you the best of both worlds! Again, bringing in statement, quirky pieces can really help bring the look together by adding a touch of personality to your space.

The Bodhi 5 Light Square Cluster Ceiling Pendant is just one of many examples - the cluster of squares at different lengths create a quirky, almost playful feel while the brass finish adds plenty of warmth to the simple but effective design. Another of our top picks is the Parker Pendant Light, also with a brass finish, but this time with a unique cage design that diffuses the light, creating a soft atmospheric glow, all the while still providing plenty of illumination. The industrial design is perfect for urban-styled interiors and the sleek geometric shape helps to create a piece that will instantly stand out in your space.


Parker Pendant Light

LED Bulbs

So how else can you create that cosy autumn glow in your home this season? Believe it or not, you can actually achieve the look simply with the help of some LED light bulbs. We know that LED bulbs have plenty of practical benefits - they last longer, they’re more energy efficient and they’re more cost effective, all the while bringing us a reliable form of lighting. Additionally, on the aesthetics side, many will give you that warm atmospheric glow, while still serving as an adequate and reliable form of task lighting. What’s not to love?

LED light bulbs

Dimmer Switches

Finally, one of the easiest ways you can use lighting to create a snug environment in your home this autumn is through the simple dimmer switch. Dimmer switches will allow you complete control over your lighting, making it nice and easy to create some ambience while also giving you the option to brighten things when you need it. Perfect for helping you wind down at the end of a long day!

Written by Amy Jackson - Content and Features Writer at My Favourite Voucher Codes

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